RAHU KETU changing transit

Rahu and ketu as we all know play an important role in our lifes . People who follow astrology or know little but about astrology know what rahu ketu can do and their ill effects. when we hear the words rahu or ketu from some astrologers we all feel negative about it but it is not like that. It depends on the placement of rahu and ketu and their respective depositors in a particular horoscope.
In astrology rahu is the head so it rules our head and ketu is the rest of the lower body. Guardería canina . rahu and ketu are the two nodal points of our solar system as they are also very slow moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn they gain heavy importance in a particular horoscope. how to get pregnant . winning the lottery . They roughly transverse through a particular house in nearly 18 months.
From 5th of November 2009 rahu and ketu are changing houses repectively rahu is entering saggitarius sign while ketu is entering the sign of Gemini. All the people will feel positive or negative effects as per the placement of these planets in their respective horoscopes their depositors , the houses involved by them, the planets aspecting them. After seeing all these combinations only a good astrologer can come to a conclusion that how these will effect you as per your horoscope.
Some shastra say that we should not see the debilitation and exaltation points of rahu and ketu as we need to see their depositors but as we see rahu and ketu playing important part in our life we will see the debilitation and exaltation points of rahu and ketu. Rahu gets exaltated in Taurus in 20 degree abd ketu gets exalted in scorpio in 20 degree, and rahu get debilate in scorpio and ketu gets debilitate in Taurus at 20 degree so they are moving towards their respective debilitation signs

RAHU : worship lord Bhairava or lord Shiva/fast Saturday/stone gomed
DONATE : lead, blue cloth, blanket, Sesanum, mustard oil, : Udad dal or coconut in running water on Saturday,peacock feather on Saturday at bhairav mandir
RUDRAKSH: 8 mukhi
MANTRA: (Om raam rahve namah)
POWER MANTRA: Om Dhum Ram Rahave Namah
OTHER MANTRA Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.

KETU : Worship lord ganesha/fast Thursday/stone cats eye.
DONATE: bluish grey cloth,grayish blanket,black mustard seeds on Thursday, seven types of cereals, oil coconut, knife,keep a black dog at home,feed the first bite of your food to a dog.
RUDRAKSH: 9 mukhi
MANTRA: (Om kem ketve namah)
POWER MANTRA: Om Hum Kem Ketave Namah
OTHER MANTRA: Palasha pushpa sankaasham taraka graha mastakam
Roudram roudratmakam ghoram tam ketum Pranamamyaham

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